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With over a decade of cognitive science experience, we provide neuromarketing answers to user experience questions as well as effectiveness evaluation of initiatives and programs. More importantly, partnering with us provides opportunities for undergraduates to gain valuable work experience to improve their marketability after college.

Neuromarketing Services

What content is pulling and keeping their attention?

Understanding Visual Behaviors Provides Valuable Insights

  • How are users scanning my content?

  • Are users focusing on the right information?

  • Is my content organized intuitively?

What content is incomprehensible?

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Heatmap - Research Team Page.png
Heatmap - Research Team Page.png

Heat Map

Research Team Page - Ben Test.jpg
Research Team Page - Ben Test.jpg

Gaze Mapping

Pupillometry Could Identify Spikes in Cognitive Effort and Emotion

  • Are some parts of my content difficult to understand?

  • Do  users experience an emotional reaction to my content?

What content is making them smile?

Facial Expression Analysis Can Approximate Emotional Experiences

  • Are users having an appropriate emotional reaction to your content?

Other Services

Program Evaluation

Assess the effectiveness

of your initiative or program.

Data analysis & interpretation

Have your data aggregated, analyzed, and explained.

Access Users'
Implicit Perceptions

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