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Lab Members 2023-2024



Isabella Eiland

Kristen Gatchalian

Data Collection

Dylan Luciani

Lab Culture

Luisa Januario

 Madysen Barnes
Annalise Bender | Sophia Brown
Nina Clifford | Montserrat Corcino

Brenda Ibarra | Andrea Jankowski
Jennifer Martin | Charlotte Meyer
Diamond Oliver | Selena Vargo

What Do Research Assistants Do in the LCC Lab?

Literature Search & Review

Book Photos.jpg

Compile and summarize research concerning a topic of interest to the lab. Learn the cognitive principles behind many of the experiments in the lab.

Brainstorming &
Material Development


Get involved in the planning of new experiments from brainstorming new research questions to developing stimuli for upcoming experiments.

Data Cleaning & Coding

Excel Data_edited.jpg

Learn how to manipulate and clean various types of data in excel, extract eye tracking data, and  conduct basic content analysis.

Data Collection

Leah and Lauren Data Collection.png

Conduct cognitive experiments using SuperLab and iMotions biometric platform equipped with eye tracking technology, pupillometry, and facial expression analysis. Learn how individuals visual scan and emotionally respond in various experimental conditions.

Conference Presentations

Webpage 2022 SEPA (35).jpg

Present our lab's research in a poster presentation at regional and national psychology conferences. Be mindful that many conferences occur in the spring semester; so, if you want your name on a poster presentation, you need to be a part of the lab during the fall semester when the conference proposal is submitted.

Collaborate on a Research Article

Screenshot 2024-05-14 101426.png

An invitation to co-author an article for publication is offered carefully. Only a select few are afforded the opportunity, and to be invited is a testament to a research assistant’s academic abilities and long-term commitment to research in the lab. Typically, students I publish with have contributed to most if not all of the previously mentioned lab activities. Be mindful that the process of publishing can take a year at least.

Leadership Roles

Be the reason the lab runs efficiently and help cultivate a meaningful lab experience.



  • Manage daily lab operations

  • Train new lab assistants

  • Make leadership suggestions



  • Extract Biometric Data

  • Keep Software Updated

  • Troubleshoot Tech Issues

Data Collection Manager

  • Manage data collection

  • Track progress of projects

  • Train new lab assistants

Lab Culture


  • Manage lab's social media face

  • Cultivate lab cohesiveness

  • Act as the lab's spokesperson

Interested in Joining the Lab?

Dear Prospective Research Assistant,

I am really excited that you took the time to read about some of the research questions my lab investigates. Research experience is an important part of your development as a critical thinker and psychological scientist. Regardless of whether you aspire to be a psychological researcher or marriage and family therapist, getting engaged in research improves your ability to discern whether a claim or finding is credible. Moreover, having research experience makes you more competitive for graduate programs.

For more information about joining the team, fill out the contact form below or email

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